Surigao del Sur Tour

Upon booking this tour, you will be taken to the following places:

  • Britania Group of Islands


Brief history/description: Britania Group of Islands is composed of 24 islets that are scattered all over Lianga Bay. The place is located in Barangay Britania, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Travelers can go island-hopping from one islet to another by boat.

  • Enchanted River

enchanted river

Brief history/description: This river boasts its crystal-clear azure waters, allowing visitors to nearly glimpse the riverbed. Where the water came from, however, still remains a mystery. Although, it is not only the water that is the magical one: at exactly 12 noon, a school of fish would emerge for “feeding time” whilst the “Hymn of Hinatuan” is played.

  • Tinuy-an Falls


Brief history/description: The falls is one of the most frequented tourist spots in Surigao del Sur. The waterfall spans 95 meters wide with a 55-meter plunge from its three cascading falls, earning the nickname “Little Niagara Falls of the Philippines.” Visitors can also go near the curtain of water for a “water massage.”

  • International Doll House


Brief history/description: This establishment, owned by couple Mr. and Mrs. Willimann, houses multiple types of dolls, ranging from Babushka to Barbie to incredibly expensive ones – all of which are part of Mrs. Willimann’s collection.

Rate: 1,888 php

Tour inclusions: all-in transport and diesel, entrance and boat fees, accommodation, breakfast fee for the second day


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