Bukidnon-Dahilayan Tour

Upon booking this tour, you will be taken to the following places:

  • Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park

Collage 2

Brief history/description: This tourist spot in Bukidnon proves itself to be one of the country’s most promising destinations. Dahilayan Adventure Park offers incredibly exciting activities, with ziplining, zorbing, and bunjee jumping being one of them.

The Forest Park, on the other hand, offers eye-catching, scenic views for the visitors to admire and outdoor activities for them to enjoy. But most importantly, it offers the guests a chance to experience the crisp mountain weather.

  • Camp Phillips


Brief history/description: This site is a community situated in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Upon entering it, one would be able to see a big pineapple statue. Further inside are American-style houses where Del Monte employees reside, houses that were constructed by Americans who were formerly the owners of Del Monte itself.

  • Cawayanon Church


  • Pineapple Statue


Brief history/description: This giant pineapple statue can be found near the entrance of Del Monte. Travelers can take pictures with this monument as well.

Rate: 2,500 php

Tour inclusions: all-in transport and diesel


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